Friday, 3 May 2013


  My  class won a trip to the European Parliament to participate in the Euroscola Day on the 29th of April. We spent three days in the lovely city of Strasbourg. When I was walking on those streets I felt like I was in one of those old movies with classic french music. The houses are so beautiful and the envoirment so peaceful.

  The beautiful Notre Dame was the tallest cathedral I've ever seen. I couldn't get all the building in one photo.

  We visited a little old-fashioned biscuit shop where they also sold these metal boxes with old drawings. So lovely.

  One of my favourite parts of the city was la petite france. This part of the city was really quiet. You could almost just hear the sound of the water. People passed by us on their bicycles, peacefully. Almost all the houses had beautiful plants on the balcony. I wish I could spend some days in one of those.

  In the middle of the afternoon the weather brought us what we had feared all day: rain. Therefore we went to a cafe and we ate a crepe. It was not so delicious as we tought, but the envoirnment and the space were very pleasent. 

  Fortunately when we went back to the hotel we found a kiosk in the street that had the most amazing crepes I have ever eaten in my whole life. .

  On the next day we went for a last walk on the city (and also some last-minute souvenir shopping). I couldn not get tired of Strasbourg, it's such a quiet and nice city. You feel like you are not even in a city, because there is no rush to go to work, everybody goes slowly on their bicycles. There's always a market with flowers and pastry in every corner. It's an amazing place to live and to visit.

  Au revoir!

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