Saturday, 18 October 2014

4th day in London - Notting Hill and other ramblings

  On our fourth day, we decided to explore my favourite market in London: Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill. As I said before, I am a huge Notting Hill fan, which means this neighbourhood holds a special place in my heart. Not only because it is the set of the movie, but also because it is such an amazing place to live. The market is full of life. There are the antiques shops that bring the past back to life, stalls with cheap prices and the most delicious food that you can try as you pass by. It is just terrific.

  Getting free food in every stall was something that made me incredible happy. Eventually, we decided where to eat: the choices were an amazing slice of pizza and a huge hamburguer with fried onion, cheese and lettuce. After that I bought a crepe with sugar at another stall. Of course I offered a bite to my travel partner. When it came back to me, there was only one last bite left... No one needs enemies when you have friends like that!
  After lunch I when to a Highland shop where I felt in love for a plaid skirt and for many many scarves. Unfortunatelly, I only bought one scarve. The british pound exchange rate it's hard on a women's wallet.

  I promised that we would see squirrels, because they are all over the parks in London. However, we hadn't seen one since we got there, not in Green Park, not in St. James Park, not in Regent's Park nor in Hyde Park. When I first came to London my hotel was in Russell Square, and in Russell Square garden I saw many squirrels, all the time! 
  We were determined to see squirrels so, after we left Notting Hill, we decided to go for a walk in Russell Square before going to the British Museum. As we entered the garden, we immediately saw a squirrel hiding behind a bush. There was also a little girl, with her parents, feeding one. We approached that one and as soon as the little girl stepped away with her parents, I grabbed the only food I had with me: a ham sandwich.
  I put a piece in my hand and waited for the squirrel to come and get it, because he was eating a biscuit on the top of the tree. After he finished the biscuit, he came down to get a piece of the bread. But he was so afraid that he only came close to me after a while.

  After many tries, the squirrel didn't come back to get more bread. Therefore, we continued our walk to the British Museum that we had already tried to see in the day before, but when we got there it was already closing. This time we went early and where able to see the museum properly.
  We went home after a short walk in Oxford Street. That night we went back to the pub after dinner. When the pub closed, we went home and watched a movie.


  1. I lived in London for two years about ten years ago. I loved every minute of it. I love the movie Notting Hill as well and also loved the place as well. My favourite market was Camden Market.

    1. London is truly a wonderful city. I loved Camden Market, it was a complete surprise, I dind't expect it to be such an interesting place. I wish I had more time to explore it!
      Notting Hill will always be a special place to me :)


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