Tuesday, 7 October 2014

London, the second day

  On our second day in London, we started by taking the tube to Oxford St, where we went shopping. Then, we walked to the Regent Street, where we visited Hamleys, the most amazing toy shop (for grown ups too!). 
  After that we went to luch the traditional fish 'n'chips at a place called Fish Bone in Cleaveland Street. They serve well and it is far from expensive. We decided to take away and have a picnic in Regent's Park. Of course there are no pictures to prove it because we were starving and it all vanished in a jiff. After we recovered our energies, we strolled around the beautiful park.

  I seriously wish I could live in one of those houses. But for now the photos have to satisfy my desire.

  One of my favourite movies is Notting Hill. If you have seen it, you will understand the picture (unfortunately, Hugh didn't want us to be in this picture together... next time!).

  We also went to Baker Street, to see the famous Sherlock house (big fan of Mr. Holmes here) and the Beatles store. 
  Then we found our way to Harrods, the biggest (and most luxurious) department store in Europe. I must confess we were a bit lost inside. It was a hell of a job to find the place were they sold tea (which I ended up not buying).

  After a homemade dinner at our friends house, we headed to the near pub where we chilled for a while in the company of these gorgeous.

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