Saturday, 4 October 2014

First day in London

  We landed in London at late night and imediately left Heathrow Airport to head to our friends house. After a long tube ride, we arrived and enjoyed our very much needed sleep. The next day, we woke up early and headed to the center. 
  Our first stop was the famous Buckingam Palace, home of her Royal Majesty the Queen of England. There we waited to see the Changing of the Guards, which started at 11:15 a.m. As usually, it was crowded and almost impossible to see.

  After we got tired of the ceremony, we went for a walk to St. James Park, which is right near the Palace. This is a great place to enjoy a nice picnic.

  After our walk through St. James Park, we took a short walk to see the world's most famous clock, the Big Ben.

  On the other side of the Westminster Bridge is the London Eye.

  From the South Bank side we have a good view the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben.

  After a short tube ride to Tower Hill, we continued our sightseeing walk. The Tower of London is another of the most famous attractions of London.

   We crossed the Tower Bridge.

  Then, we continued walking through the pedestrian embankment: The Queen's Walk.

  Through our walked we passed the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern and then we crossed the Millenium Bridge towards the St. Paul's Cathedral.

  After walking from one side to another of London, we hoped on a classic London bus to Piccadily Circus, where we "rested" while we saw some shops and visited the M&M World. Then we entered the tube and headed "home".

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