Friday, 24 October 2014

The last two days

  The Easter Sunday was the day we experienced the rainy and cloudy London wheather (that is why there are few photos). We had decided that we would have lunch in Camden Town and, at night, the Easter dinner at my friends house. With our umbrellas and jackets, we faced the rain.
  Camden market supprised me. I had never been there and I didn't imagine it would be such a huge thing. There were so many food and clothing stalls. 
  We went to lunch as soon as we arrived. After tasting in many stalls, I decided to eat Mexican food. My friends ate vegetarian, polish and ethiopian food. The variety was enormous and I only regret I couldn't eat there more than once. I totally recommend.
  After luch our friends guided us through the many corridors of stalls with clothing, accessories, furniture, art, music, books, ...
  I was able to do some shopping at amazing prices but I was really sad because the rain didn't allow us to explore more of Camden.

  The following day was to say goodbye to London. We spent the morning visiting the wax museum: Madame Tussauds. After lunch and a last stroll through Oxford Street, we returned home to get our luggage and headed to our long tube ride to the airport.

  See you next time London!

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